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Blue Calico Large Tankard Jug

Elegant in shape and style, this large Blue Calico Tankard Jug makes a striking table centrepiece. The deep cobalt blue tones and intricate floral patterns reflect the 19th Century indigo fabrics at the root of our celebrated Blue Calico range...

Blue Arden Cereal Bowl

 Hand-decorated in a classic Blue Arden design, wake up to a stylish breakfast served in this striking cereal bowl. Brightened by the elegant motifs of hawthorn branches, your breakfast will feel both beautiful and refined. Handmade in...

Blue Arden Medium Tankard Jug

Beautiful tankard shaped jug in Burleigh's Blue Arden pattern perfect for serving water, milk or for displaying flowers. Dimensions: Height: 6 in  Diameter: 3 in Capacity: 1 pint

Blue Arden Sugar Bowl Small

This small sugar bowl from the blue arden collection would make a great final touch to your very own collection of arden products.   Diameter: 3.75 in Hieght: 2.25 in Depth: 2 in

Blue Calico Cereal Bowl

Hand-decorated in Burleigh's timeless Blue Calico design, our cereal bowl will infuse elegance and refinement into your morning routine.The intricate floral pattern and rich cobalt blue palette bring splendor with every serving. Handmade in...

Blue Calico Medium Fruit Bowl

Exquisitely hand-crafted in an intricate floral design, this medium Blue Calico Fruit Bowl brings a charming touch to the table.Elegant yet versatile, this deep bowl is ideal for presenting family favorites and makes an elegant fruit bowl. Handmade in...

Blue Calico Medium Tankard Jug

Expertly hand-decorated in Burleigh’s Blue Calico design, our medium sized tankard jug serves a range of needs in the kitchen. A striking statement piece, this attractive tankard jug is perfect for serving refreshments or displaying flowers in...

Blue Calico Small Rectangular Dish

Combining a geometric shape with a timeless pattern, this Blue Calico Rectangular Platter brings elegance and refinement to the table. Beautifully decorated by hand in a rich cobalt blue floral pattern, this dish adds a splash of colour to every course...