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This condiments tea towels gift set is guaranteed to add fun and flavour to any kitchen.

This quirky gift set includes 2 condiments tea towels in the ‘Outline’ design, a glass 1ltr Kilner Preserve Jar and 2 Pentel Fabric crayons (colours vary with each gift set) so they can get their creative and cooking juices flowing.

Designed for the ultimate foodie, the tea towels can be coloured in with their creative flare and the condiments jar which can be washed and used in their kitchen to store things such as pasta, biscuits and rice, or for the more creative cooks homemade james and chutneys.

If you’re one of those people that hates throwing away that last bit of Ketchup, or loves digging out the year old cranberry sauce at Christmas time, then celebrate your love of condiments with this fun yet traditional illustrated print featuring all the best British sauces and pickles.

Lined with Britain’s favourite condiments these include the always needed Tarter Sauce, Pickled Onions, English Mustard, Britain’s Favourite Brown Sauce, Piccalilli, Mint Sauce, Original British Pickle, Cranberry Sauce, Real Tomato Ketchup, and Horseradish Sauce. This tea towel is the perfect accessory for any classic British dinner.

The ideal perfect gift for the foodie that has no food in their fridge because it is brimming with jars and bottles of tasty sauces and pickles!

Handmade in Britain, printed on 100% unbleached organic cotton.

How to use the Fabric Crayons:

Pentel Fabricfun pastel dye sticks are easy and fun to use and a great way to personalise these condiments tea towels. 1. Wash the tea towels, dry and iron. 2. apply the fabricfun pastels to the fabric with even strokes, 3. once you are happy with your design cover it with a sheet of paper and press over it with a hot iron to set the dyes. Now your design is permanent and washable.


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