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Cairngorm Slapdash Mug

Slapdash consists of a mixture of vibrant watercolors in a ripple pattern, consisting of mainly reds and oranges. Capacity: 16.2 fl. oz Height: 4.1 inches Diameter: 4 inches Fine Bone China Made in England Dishwasher and Microwave safe

Hoopla! Blue China Travel Mug

Dunoon always guarantees world class designs and delightful illustrations. With these bone china travel mugs complete with silicone lids and sleeves, you can now take Dunoon everywhere that you go. This flash of inspiration is sure to revolutionise the...

Lomond Hidden Garden Mug

Michele Aubourg's intricate style is brought to life in these hidden gardens. Colourful, illustrated dragonflies flutter throughout. In one design, blue dragonflies are surrounded by intricate flowers and leaves, and in the other green dragonflies...

Lomond Ophelia Mugs

Marlee Fletcher's gorgeous duo, 'Ophelia' is perfect for any flower fans with beautifully illustrated flowers on a bold blue backdrop. Blue and white flowers are scattered throughout the blue design! Pink and white flowers are scattered throughout the...

Lomond Sheikh Mug

Opulent colours and extravagant patterns combine to create 'Sheikh', a pattern by David Broadhurst. An Arabian style pattern of rich green tones, this is embellished with 22 carat gold. Capacity: 0.32L Height: 94mm Diameter: 88mm

Lomond Slogans Mugs

A collection of memorable mottos, this Kate Mawdsley collection with six fun slogans is sure to stick in your head. Capacity: 0.32L Height: 94mm Diameter: 88mm

Lomond Zahra Mug

'Zahra' is a set of elaborate persian-style patterns in deep, earthy colours, enriched with 22 carat gold with a sequence of flower shapes in Dunoon's Lomond shape mug. Capacity: 0.32L Height: 94mm Diameter: 88mm

Orkney Ooh-Ouch Mug

A trendy mug, this quirky Ooh-Ouch design by Jane Brookshaw is a mixture of green and blue cacti with bright, pink coloured flowers. Orkney is a modern, straight sided mug which lends itself to contemporary patterns. It has a strap handle making it very...
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