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Dunoon Warm Hearts

Dearest Members of the Ton,

The intentional austerity and utter lack of gaiety this time of year leaves very little to be said. Until word was sent a la bonne heure from a charming connoisseur, bon vivant, and proper English gentleman, the Earl of Suffolk

My dearest Lord Humbug, better known as Bufty amongst true friends, I was elated to receive your delightfully descriptive letter. Such prolific and poetic prose roused this jaded author from the resplendent respite of her New Year’s intermission, to reach for a copy of Schott's Miscellany and put pen (fountain of course) to paper (Smythson of course).

The society swan, Lady Humbug, was no doubt the toast of the Ton on both sides of the pond this holiday season. Glad to know that you are soaking in the soirees and merriment with your usual penchant for panache. I do hope the holiday allowed his Lordship time to indulge his passion for literature as well. Time passes all too quickly whilst one is having fun.

And speaking of romance, out of the doldrums of joyless January comes fanciful February. The shortest month of the calendar reminds one to gather ye rosebuds while ye may. A time that emboldens declarations of love or daring dalliances. For those with romance in their hearts and diaries, do remember that tokens of affection often prove more meaningful than mere flattery. 

 Valentine's Day Array of Products

The best gifts, like love affairs, are desirable and far too extravagant to justify for oneself. And for that, the fashionable set rely on the ever au courant boutique, The Bee’s Knees, purveyors of good taste and charm. I’m told Lady Humbug often admires their array of Emma Bridgewater. Whilst chocolate is the traditional choice for lovers this year, opt for the more opulent Chocolate Hearts. This author recommends coddling your amour in the warm glow of love and their merino wool throws and is particularly fond of the striking Union Jack design.

As dear Buffy has shown us, the English possess an unparalleled way with words and wit. And in the age of so called “social” media, nothing can be more tasteful and touching than to pen a handwritten love note. The amusing array of cards found at the artful emporium is second to none. This author has learned that some were painted by darling Lady Donna’s own cousin.

Valentines' Day Cards

Matchmaking is best conducted over an elegant dinner party with an exacting and calculated seating arrangement. Start the evening with an array of canapé offered in a glamorous Copper Heart Serving Set. Pink champagne in The Vintage List stemware is a must. Serve at least five courses to leave room for discourses. Let your guests linger over the pudding and have their decadent chocolate cake and eat it too with Love Heart Pastry Forks, Spoons and Cake Server.

 Valentine's Day

Finally, do remember, like February, fancies are fleeting. Therefore, this author prefers the most enduring and important relationship of them all: That which one has with oneself. Self-care and self-love may be the done thing these days. But for this author, taking care of one's essentials - mind, figure, wardrobe, decor and decorum has never gone out of fashion! 

As yet unmatched? Fear not, for attachments become arduous once the social scene commences. Spring will soon be upon us and daffodils and debutantes will bloom in abundance! 

Valentine's Popping Colors

It is rumored that before the balls begin Dames Lucinda, Donna and Trish will have secured the most exclusive and desirable accouterments to adorn your abode fresh from the famed Spring Fair in Birmingham.  

As absence makes the heart grow fonder I shall bid you adieu…

Lord Humbug -  lots of love to you and yours. 

Until the party returns!

Yours Truly,

Lady Middlesex.



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