Alex Allday

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Alex is passionate about creating unique ceramics of high quality that bring enjoyment when displayed around the home or being used and that make a lovely gift for someone special.

All of her surface designs are inspired by the fusion of traditional patterns and styles, such as floral motifs, victorian tiles and ornate architecture. She combines the use of handcrafted and digitally produced techniques and processes to create a range of diverse surface pattern details and qualities for a variety of different decorative and functional ceramic wares.

The product range consists of hanging planters, tealights, planter pots, fine bone china mugs, vases, decorations and soap dishes that are all created by hand through the process of slip casting or hand building.

When designing and developing all of Alex's pieces she explores in depth with producing interesting surface qualities and textures through etch, relief/embossment, glazes and experimental screen-printing techniques to create distinct pieces that have an emphasis on intricate detailing and composition. All of her ceramic wares are made using high quality ceramic bodies which include Porcelain, Fine Bone China and Parian that each have enamel printed surface transfers applied.