Lady Middlesex & The Winter Stroll

Dearest Members of The Ton,

It has come to this author's attention that there is a new man about town this season! Rumored to be quite the dandy he loves to parade around in his carriage at all hours of the night, decked out in the finest velvet and fur. This bon vivant has a sparkle in his eye, loves to laugh and is known to be quite generous showering the homes he graces with many gifts! Like this author he has a knack for sniffing out scandal and has his little man keep a watchful eye on the Ton, reporting back who has been bad or who has been good. 

I am speaking of course of my dear friend St. Nicholas who brings good tidings to all this time of year. Though, it is said behind every good man, there is an even greater woman! This author suspects that Mrs. Claus is truly the brains of their festive operation! Afterall, men are not known to be multitaskers. And so it is in her honor that I bring you, the Lady Middlesex Haute Holiday List.

First on my list is the pinnacle of the social season! I am speaking of course of the West Acton Village stroll on Saturday, December 2 when all the best families promenade in their finery to make merry. I’m told that the talk of the Ton, those savants of style, the Bees Knees, will be hosting their annual holiday open house. And what a house indeed! No doubt the smarter set will save St. Nick a trip this year and shop their exclusive imported wares early!

Jan Constantine Santa Pillow

As anticipation and the scent of balsam fir, citrus and clove fill the air, do be sure it fills your home as well with “Christmas Spruce”, “White Christmas” or “Joyeux Noel” candles. Decorate for the season with the latest Sophie Allport and Emma Bridgewater - and this author's favorite - Sara Miller Baubles. Do be sure to keep your guests entertained and put the gaiety in your gatherings with party games, be it Pass the Parcel, puzzles, charades or trivia. Last but not least, the little ones will squeal with delight when they see the footprints of Santa’s elves on the freshly laden show. 

Elves Footprints

Now that you’ve decked your halls - and don’t forget the mistletoe! Let us turn to the delicious dinner parties, lavish luncheons, and bountiful breakfasts that will grace your table this season. Here are a few of this author's entertaining secrets - my special gift to you list season.

To truly be a haute holiday, only authentic and imported Christmas Crackers will do, filled with luxury trinkets, games and or even ornaments, to start off a party with a bang, a crown and a laugh.

Emma Bridgewater Christmas Crackers

It is this author's firm belief that one MUST entertain with a set of holiday china, which brings more chic and more joy to the table! If this author has taught you but one thing this year, let it be the gravy jug! A stylish and utilitarian statement piece on the buffet and crowning glory of any roast. Keep your cook au courant and offer your guests some new temptations from the band new The Great British Baking Show Kitchen Classics book. To top off the meal I’m told that tastemaker trio, the Bees Knees, are the only shop this side of the pond to have Nana Lily’s Christmas Pudding, which is best served with a side of Brandy Butter. Although the wee ones might prefer the Cadbury Stocking

Nana Lily's Christmas Pudding

For after dinner coffee or sipping cocoa, a special mug for everyone in the family is in order. Try the delicate and exquisite Sophie Allport scenes to the glamorous and colorful Burleigh collection to the delightful furried creatures of Wrendale Design

 Always have champagne or sherry for unexpected visitors! Keep the good spirits in good spirits, with drinks parties in the elegant stemware from The Vintage List and scrumptious nibbles like Dean’s mature cheddar bites.

Now that your hearth and home are in holiday order let us turn to the gift giving! I give you the Lady Middlesex Haute Holiday List 

The Nice List

There is but ONE gift to give and get this season. I am speaking of course of The Lady Middlesex Haute Holiday Hamper. Curated by yours truly for yours truly! Filled to the brim with good taste and good tastes. No doubt this will be the most coveted hamper of the season. As last year sold out in mere moments there will be several petite versions of this glorious gift basket. This author's advice is to shop early.

Luxury British Hamper

The Naughty List

For those acquaintances on your naughty list - aka not deserving of glorious goodness to be found in my holiday hamper - one can still gift glamor and good taste in the form of these perfect parcels. 

Now that you’ve been instructed in the art of creating a haute holiday - let that gaiety being! Garlands and glitter, shimmer and sparkle, lights, celebrations, and scandals! This season is the most exciting of them all! Romance is sure to be in the frosty air with the winter balls, New Year’s send offs and heartwarming homecomings. While it is not in this author's style to be sentimental, I did want to close the year with my most heartfelt best wishes to you and yours. Here is to a glamorous, scintillating, and chic, haute holiday!

Yours Truly,

Lady Middlesex 

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