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Dearest Members of the Ton,

I have not written as of late because I do not subscribe to the fashion of listing one's supposed shortcomings to the world and vowing to do better in the coming year. You are perfect as you are. Life is too short and too precious for such banality. Especially after the past few years we all deserve a few indulgences.

Instead, this author has used the quiet to make ready my wit and wardrobe for a once in a lifetime social season! Spring will soon be upon us and the season will be filled with soirees and sovereigns.

This year's festivities kick off with a celebration for the most universal of monarchs - mums. With UK Mothering Sunday just around the corner, I’m told the Tea Tasting in her honor hosted by Lady Lucinda, Lady Donna and Lady Trish on March 18 will be The Bees Knees. After all nothing can compare to a mother’s love or the delicious delicacies and elegant affair that is a proper afternoon cream tea. It is rumored a new, and most apropo., collection by Victoria Eggs will be debuting at the party.

Come May the world will be incandescent with royal pageantry, jewels and glamor. If there was ever an occasion to upgrade your abode and attire, the time is now! To quote the wise Dowager Countess of Grantham,“nothing succeeds like excess!”

Of course the best place to find what is in vogue is at the Spring Fair in Birmingham, the most spectacular and lauded show for homegoods and gifts. And what a show it was! This year was the most vibrant and varied of them all. Only the most fashionable brands and owners made up the milleuil including LilyFlame, Alison Gardiner DesignsJen Winnett ArtHerdy UK and The Crafty Kit Company! I suspect there will be an uptick in craft enthusiasts in the Ton come spring.

Fear not dear reader, for those not in attendance, this author has learned those mavens of the marketplace, known as The Bees Knees, most recently seen in the Victoria Magazine, have brought back coveted and exclusive wares from across the pond. Those adventurous ladies even made a trek to the famous Stoke-on-Trent to procure the most desired and exclusive Emma Bridgewater and Burleigh designs. An astounding array of the most attractive tins have arrived and will no doubt be artfully on display by next week. Make haste as the coveted commemorative china, Ulster Weavers Regal and Celebration Tea Towels, and Jan Constantine Queen Elizabeth and Coronation Pillows are already dwindling!

In a matter of days the fashionable set will bloom into the brilliance of the season. It has even been rumored a play about the early life of our dear Queen Charlotte will debut at the Netflix Theater this season.

And speaking of fashion, I am off to the modiste for dress fittings. After all I have a coronation to prepare for!

Yours Truly,
Lady Middlesex

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