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Dove Grey Teacup and Saucer

Bring splendour and sophistication to your everyday refreshments with the soft grey tones of our Dove Grey Calico Teacup and Saucer. The gentle curves make the cup a pleasure to hold whilst you enjoy the lingering aromas of your favourite tea in...

Dove Grey Calico Teapot 7 cup

Perfect for afternoon tea parties, this generous sized teapot is beautifully adorned in Burleigh’s celebrated Calico pattern. With thoughtful attention to form and function, the teapot’s spout is elegantly designed to regulate flow and...

Dove Grey Calico 7 1/2 Plate

  Charm your guests at the dinner table with the soothing tones of our Dove Grey range.   Perfect for serving appetisers, side dishes and desserts alike, this stylish Dove Grey Calico Plate brings sophistication with every course...