The Vintage List

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The Vintage List has created a collection of beautiful glassware, inspired by 19th century and early 20th century English designs.

Decorated with a variety of classic patterns, each glass is hand-blown and hand-engraved from fine, dishwasher-safe crystal.

The Vintage List was set up by Henry & Camilla in 2015. They are London based.

They started The Vintage List because they wanted to reproduce some of the wonderful glassware that they used to find when searching around English antique markets and salerooms.

All of the glassware is handmade from lead-free crystal. The glass is mouth blown into moulds and then hand-engraved on fast turning wheels. It is time-consuming and skilful work, which makes each glass unique.

We feel that these old designs are timeless, and perfectly complement other modern homeware. The engraved glass can sit happily alongside plain glass, and in the age of Instagram can make any normal meal seem special.