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Black Toast & Marmalade Set of 3 Canisters

Smart and practical, this nicely mismatched set of three caddies is perfect for tea, coffee and sugar - a quick and simple way to brighten up the kitchen. Height 16cm Diameter 10cm Care Instructions Wash by hand with soft sponge. Avoid...

Mini Tin Easter Eggs

Fill these adorable tin Easter eggs with sweets and candy and hang up to decorate. Choose from Yellow Wallflower, Green Daisy, Polka Dot or Buttercup & Bee. 3 inches high.  

Pink Roses Biscuit Barrel

The Pink Roses Biscuit Barrel not only does away with the prospect of stale cookies but also adds freshness to the kitchen.   Height 7 inches Diameter 7.3 inches Care Instructions Wipe with a damp cloth...

Polka Dot Biscuit Barrel

An Emma Bridgewater Bridgewater Biscuit Barrel, filled up with homemade cookies, or even a packet of Rich Tea Biscuits makes just about the nicest gift or perfect complement to many kitchen designs! With a tight fitting lid, it keeps all your biscuits...

Strawberries Garden Steel Tray

After a long hot day in the garden, enjoy the fruits of your labor by serving up today's crop and a jug of something fresh on this summery Strawberries Large Handled Tin Tray. Diameter 15.2 in., height without handles 2.4 in, height with handles 4.2 in...