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Silver Plated Tea Strainer.

Silver Plated Long Handled Tea Strainer

  Elegant yet functional, this silver-plated loose tea strainer fits over your teacup's rim, catching any loose leaves that flow from the spout of your teapot. The strainer's silver plating gives it a glint, while the heavy construction...
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Tower of London Tea tin - 5 Sachets by Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons Tower of London Tagalong Tea Tin - 5 Sachets

  Tower of London Blend is reminiscent of Elizabethan preserves, flavorful and tempting. We stir Chinese black teas with pieces of dried stone fruit, then finish the blend with oil of bergamot and honey flavor. Featured in our Historic...
Royal English Breakfast Tea by Harney & Sons.

Harney & Sons Royal English Breakfast Tea - HRP - 30 Sachets

A stout combination of Kenilworth Ceylon and Kenyan Milima black teas makes a smooth, full-bodied brew. Royal English Breakfast is delicious when complemented with milk and sugar. Historic Royal Palaces is an independent charity that looks after...