200 Years of Cadbury Chocolate

On March 4th, 1824, Cadbury Chocolate was born. Oh, how thankful we are that John Cadbury thought to make delicious drinking chocolate, and that his son George, "heard about an innovative cocoa press being used by Dutch manufacturer van Houten. The press squeezed out so much cocoa butter from the beans, they didn’t need to add any starches. By using the cocoa press, George and Richard found they were able to make their cocoa 100% pure. It’s hard to believe, but other chocolate makers were bulking out their cocoa with animal fat, red lead and brick dust. Instead, the brothers concentrated on making totally unadulterated cocoa, and in 1866, they launched Cadbury Cocoa Essence, advertised as ’Absolutely Pure, Therefore Best’." (From the Cadbury website).

"From a grocery shop, to a factory, to the Cadbury we know today. This is the story of a father and two sons, and how their generosity inspired generations to come. They poured a ‘glass and a half’ into their Dairy Milk - and into their workers and communities, too. At Cadbury, people always have been, and will be, at the heart of everything we do."

See the infographic below for some fun facts about Cadbury and when your favorite Cadbury bar was introduced. Which is your favorite? Find it at The Bee's Knees British Imports.

                   200 Years of Cadbury Chocolate






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