A Look Back!

When the us revolution ousted the brits the country was left without culture and wit 250 years on a new dawn is breaking. As three brave ladies see the us for the taking from humble beginnings that started online. The founders knew it was just a matter of time from the bowels of their basement they started to grow taking their time steady and slow.

Then in 2020 when the covid took hold

They took a step that was audaciously bold

Opening a store was sure sign of madness

But for a great many people it was an escape from the sadness

It wasn’t too long before they outgrew their store

And the three brave ladies declared we want more!

From concord to acton this was no british retreat

They would go on to conquer with their quality street

The new store on mass ave became their hq

With all that space – so much more they could do

On insta on youtube and on the facebook

The fans all flocked so they could get a look

At the tuckshop, the pictures and the range of new goods

The emmas, the cornish and the odd silverwoods

It wasn’t too long until they got into their groove

At which point they said ‘it’s now time to move’

Across the road the girls found a new store

And in september this year abbott opened the door

With the queen now no longer and a new king in place

The bees knees remembered with solom and grace

I haven’t yet introduced the cast of this story

The 3 central figures who take all the glory

But before we go there let's look at the crew

The supporting cast and all that they do

There’s tracey so reliable and organized – god bless

If only the bosses wouldn’t make such a mess

And jen with her toolkit and that creative side

But when that phone rings she knows where to hide

Then rosie who manages the tuck shop quite tightly

With control of the chocolate, she is the all mighty!

Sylvia is artsy as you can see by her crown

And chris we all know just won’t let us down

Then the newbies of lisa, anne and lauren

Packing away at the back of the warren

Now lets talk of the ladies that make up the bees knees

The modern day version of the great 3 degrees

First trish the hummer of the classic elmo song

That everyone loves when it’s hummed all day long

For donna store style is clearly her thing

With her fancy displays that are fit for a king

Last but not least there’s lucinda sears

The boss of the outfit that nobody fears

Making reels on insta for everyone to see

Dreaming of when will and kate will invite her to tea

I shouldn’t forget old stig of the dump

Mr mark always there to get rid of the junk

But we all know the truth that everyone can see

The bees knees would be nowhere if it wasn’t for me!!

So this christmas a big thank you to our strong brave ladies

The collective, the wonderful, the girls of the bees knees!

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