A Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II from Lady Middlesex

“Grief is the price we pay for love” - Queen Elizabeth II

Beloved by all and comparable to none, the Queen’s passing left us all bereft and adrift. For who could ever imagine a world in which the Queen did not reign?

The royal standard never waivers, and I’m told in her honor, neither did the steadfast trio of The Bee’s Knees British Imports. Amidst their grief, they rose to the occasion in a diamond like display of duty and decorum graciously opened their doors to those seeking community and comfort on the day of the Queen’s passing. In a most unexpected and appreciated twist, their handsome husbands were on hand to serve refreshments and bolster the spirits!

There was nary a dry eye during King Charles' moving speech. I’m told the indomitable Lady Karyn of New Hampshire, a region known for their independence, even shed a tear! In an unexpected show of elegance and eloquence, Countess Lucinda Wright, gave an impromptu tribute to the Queen. Despite the sorrow the Ton turned out in style, and this author would like to award the best dressed to Fiona Frazer, for her appropriately demure dress was accented by a jaunty tribute to England, in the form of a stunning Union Jack scarf and glittering crown pin.

It is said that one should only appear in the papers upon birth, marriage and death. However, on this unprecedented occasion, this author finds no fault in the ladies of the hour. For when local news stations pushed in, eager to hear from true subjects of the realm, ladies Lucinda, Trish and Donna thought of home and paid homage to her highness. For those of you who missed this noteworthy gathering, rest assured I observed all. Highlights of the day can be found HERE.

As we bid adieu to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I wanted to offer my thoughts to the woman as well as the monarch.

A wearer of many hats, even fashionable and bejeweled ones, her Majesty the Queen defined what it is to be a Diamond. With all the accomplishments she acquired during her decades as Monarch, it was her ability to be both visionary and traditional that this author most admired. At once both trailblazing and constant. She was the might and metal of a nation, keeper of traditions and faith, perpetual grace, caring sovereign and matchless leader.

But let us not forget that hers was also a great love story. One that began when she married the season's most dashing and eligible bachelor who became her Prince Consort, greatest supporter and confidant. 

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, her legacy lives on. Should you miss seeing her royal and reassuring visage, one only needs to gaze upon the pretty young Princess Charlotte, who bears a striking resemblance to her Great Granny. Now third in line to the throne, it was the Queen who ensured her place in the line of succession. Very modern and empowered indeed!

Of all the titles, coronets and courtiers, let us not forget her most loyal companions 

were of the 4-legged nature. Like all the best people she loved animals. Canines and equines were her faithful friends, and no doubt shared many tender moments and special memories with their beloved Queen.

Tales of her greatness will live on for all eternity. In our lifetimes and for many generations to come, there will never be another Queen. One who led by example and by love. Love of country, love of duty, love of the realm, and love of family.

She kept her promise and dedicated her long life to the service of the Commonwealth. Rest now dear Queen knowing it was a job truly well done. I imagine she is rejoicing with the angels looking down over her dominion, cheering on her progeny and rooting for the greater good for us all.

Duty and Devotion - Elizabeth is Thy Name!


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