Bridgerton Season 3

Dearest Members of The Ton,

Tis time!! The frisson of excitement is palpable as we embark on a season of soirees, soigne suitors and seduction. The air is fragrant with possibilities, parties and 'Polin'.

The First Monday in May plays annual host to the most coveted invite of the season. The most glamorous of gatherings; a heady union of art, culture and glitterati known as the Met Gala. Dressed as a modern muse, the Duchess of Hastings, stole the proverbial show in an ethereal and goddess-like gown in soft rose. Fresh off his honeymoon the Viscount Bridgerton sported a romantic oversized floral boutonniere whilst the newly minted Viscountess Bridgerton let her hair down in a cut out and confident form fitting frock. 

Yet for all its frivolity and fashion this year’s Met Ball was but an amuse bouche for the entirely too long awaited social event of the last two seasons - the premier of Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1!! On May 16th the cognoscenti and connoisseurs of splendor will gather for an epic and elegant binge watch.

Pleasure seekers rejoice in the technicolor period drama!  A refreshingly modern take on an age when manners masked the desires and passions simmering just beneath the surface. A show that delights in 'la douler exquise' that is the long-drawn-out Penelope and Colin love affair. A script that showcases the commonalities we share and that love truly maketh the world go round. 

This author is never one who likes to be kept waiting! But to prolong the pleasure, this summers solstice will shimmer with scandal upon the airing of Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2. To properly partake in the moment do make haste to The Bee’s Knees for all the most fashionable and appropriate accoutrement for your viewing parties. 

Who will be the Diamond of The Season? Will a wall flower become a rose? Will they or won’t they? Do Anthony and Kate settle down into married bliss or have their duels only just begun? 

Only time and my dearest friends Lady Whistledown and Queen Shonda will tell!

Your’s Truly,

Lady Middlesex

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