Lord Humbug & The January Sales

My dearest Lady Middlesex,

It was wonderfully kind of you to share my meager musings over the Christmas season and I hope that your dear self and the fabulous “Bon Ton” enjoyed a well-deserved and, of course, perfectly tasteful holiday break. 

My most recent peregrinations have taken me to dear old London.  As you well know January is the time of year that she finally throws off the jollity and festivity of Christmas and, like the guards at Buckingham Palace, dons the grey and crimson highlights of the winter months.  She is as elegant as ever and has veiled her fine features with the mists and sprinkles that typically grace our beloved Albion during this season.

London in Fog
London in Fog

The mists of January also herald another fine British tradition, which is the January Sales. The Sales are not for the faint hearted and yours truly is convinced that some of the more robust British traditions associated with team sports may have been nurtured by enthusiastic parents bringing impressionable offspring along with them to participate in the rambunctious pursuit of “hunting for a bargain.”  

January Sales in London
January Sales in London

The British, having raised queuing to an art form, as demonstrated so nobly by the queue which stretched up to ten miles for the lying in state of the late dear queen. They also deploy it enthusiastically for the January Sales.  Indeed, the most eager participants will stake their places more than 24 hours before the stores open to ensure they can lay their hands on the desired “good deals”.  Once the emporia open, shoppers rush in with an enthusiasm that rivals even the crowds that swarmed the Mall to cheer the King for his Coronation.  I must admit, Lady Middlesex, that these pursuits, noble and hallowed tradition as they may be, your truly does find them, like fox hunting and playing conkers, rather taxing. They do, however, have Lady Humbug’s enthusiastic endorsement!

London Queue 
A London Queue

It was with great joy and relief therefore that I heard about the Bees Knees post-Christmas bargains.  Why brave the elements (and around Boston they can be even more elemental than London on occasion), when one can enjoy Emma Bridgewater and the like shipped to one’s doorstep!  Of course, the more intrepid can venture out in their automobile to the Bees Knees Emporium in West Acton where they will not only not have to queue (unless they really do insist), but will be warmly welcomed and invited to peruse the bargains at their leisure.  Those true enthusiasts who wish to fully enjoy the London Sales experience may, I understand, receive a thorough jostling from Lord Tony by booking well in advance.  Lady Humbug has often impressed upon yours truly the inexpressible joy that is derived from finding a bargain, and how a Christmas treasure uncovered in January is as delightful anticipated 10 months ahead as if it were found just in time.  Well, my dear Lady Middlesex, the Bees Knees has many, and one does not have to have the elbows of a duchess to acquire them!

 Emma Bridgewater Christmas
Emma Bridgewater Christmas on Sale

My dear Lady Middlesex, 2024 is off to a grand start for your dear self and the “Bon Ton”.  Lady Humbug is eagerly anticipating the fine treasures and comestibles that your exquisite good-taste and the selfless devotion of their Ladyships Lucinda, Trish and Donna will reveal.  Be assured Lord Humbug is also awaiting their anticipation as eagerly, and ardently remains,

Yours truly,

Lord Humbug


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